Online Workshop Date TBD How to create a sustainable life for yourself?

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Learn how to take better care of you, how crucial it is to understand how toxic stress can be & how to never compromise on self-care.
Do you want to take better care of the most important person in your life and become your best friend? Do you want to be the best mum, wife, friend, daughter at the same time and create your best life?

This is a free 2 hours introductory zoom - based workshop and your only investment is your time and engagement.
What will I learn?
Jessica is sharing her own personal story of being unsustainable which lead to her stress burnout and what she learned from her journey of becoming her own best friend.

Stress burnout, depression and anxiety. The body’s mechanisms are strong and once you have fallen through, the way back is tough. Changes in habits and behaviors are necessary and without awareness the risk of relapse is great.

You learn how crucial it is to understand how toxic stress can be, how to never compromise on self-care, how important it is with rituals (mind, body and brain) and how the work with yourself have to be a part of your daily routine for the rest of your life.You will get introduced to the Healthy Mindplatter* a great tool/framework based on neuroscience, of seven daily essential mental activities to optimize brain matter and create well-being. *model developed by D Siegel & D Rock.

The workshop is interactive, and you will be given time to discuss in a small group (breakout rooms) to share your own experiences.

Zoom link will be emailed to you once you have booked your ticket.